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Profile Introduction
    Shenzhen v-idea Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Owen a professional integrated circuit design team, is committed to MOS product development and application, all products have undergone careful logic calculations, layout design, and customer verification in several stages.
    Our watch ICs have a low quiescent current to extend battery life, using standard 1.5V coin cells and 3V lithium batteries. Some products have internal voltage regulator circuits to ensure consistent display brightness. It is especially important that our products are designed with a variety of ESD protection measures to effectively improve the stability and anti-jamming capability of the products in later packaging and use.
    We currently have several major series of products for users to choose: watch MCU series, digital display clock series, remote control series, speech synthesis series.
    The company's design team can develop a dedicated IC chip in accordance with the user program to protect the rights of customers.
    First-class design team, stable partners, perfect quality assurance system, and timely and efficient provision of high-quality products are our company's persistent pursuit of goals.

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